Common Air Conditioning Issues

  1. “The outdoor unit turns on and off”
    1. Most likely due to a low or high pressure safety cut-off or a bad contactor/controller.
  2. “My thermostat went blank”
    1. If your thermostat uses batteries, check for terminal corrosion.
    2. Check AHU for a safety float switch and ensure the condensate drain line is cleared.
    3. Check circuit breakers and disconnect switches are ON.
    4. Check for any electrical shorts (rat bites, screws, nails, staples)
  3. “There’s water leaking on my ceiling”
    1. Verify the condensate pan and line are clear of clogs.
    2. There may be an insulation issue or a cracked drain pan.
  4. “My unit runs, but the house doesn’t get cold”
    1. Verify system has been maintained
      1. Check air filter - replace if dirty
      2. Check if the condenser coil is dirty - wash with water
    2. Verify all supply vents are open
    3. System is low on refrigerant or compressor capacity has been reduced.